Oh boy.

Now you’ve done it.

You’ve somehow managed to stumble your way onto a page where you’re probably expecting us to talk about how great we are and how we’ve ‘conquered’ some of the internet’s most important platforms for our clients.

When all you really want is to choose a marketing & advertising agency who has a full grasp of consumer buying behavior and uses it to speak to the hearts & minds of your target audience while at the same time, knows how to maximize the latest analytics & conversion tools which will help you grow your brand's revenue, right?

Well, this is NOT THAT PAGE. That page is over here.

What will we pull out of our hat for your brand?

Since you’re still reading, we’ll get straight to the point.

We’ve been featured in several media outlets for some of our creative advertising & marketing campaigns and we’ve helped many business owners accomplish their goal of making more money.

If your business generates more than $1 million in annual, gross revenue and you want more customers, clients or patients, contact us here and learn how your business can benefit from our proven system.


Kevin Saint Clair

Before graduating from the University of Texas, Scott Kidd grew up sharing his time between Houston, Texas and the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica. Upon graduating as a ‘Longhorn’, Scott immediately began his first career in Houston’s IT sector. Upon relocating to Miami, Florida 20 years ago, Scott Kidd began working aboard private, luxury yachts. He rapidly became Captain and has navigated much of the world aboard many, multi-million dollar yachts, Scott has spent the last 15 years working directly with some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs of our generation.

Combining his advanced knowledge of internet technology and invaluable business strategy lessons learned from accomplished entrepreneurs are what makes Scott Kidd a tremendous asset to our clients.

Kevin Saint Clair began his business career in retail, 25 years ago. After consistently ranking in the top 2% among 400+ sales professionals, Kevin went on to become manager of his first, retail furniture store at the age of 21.

A few years later and fueled by an ‘explorer’s curiosity,’ Kevin made a strategic career change into the world of private, luxury yachts where he spent the next 10 years traveling internationally, working with (and learning from) some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time. He Captained the yacht owned by the person responsible for such products as the retractable pet leash, plush dog toys and revolutionized the automotive accessory industry. Kevin has written & published two books including a Top 10 Amazon Best Seller and uses his knowledge of marketing and business strategy to help you realize your business’ goals and dreams.

Is this part of your ultimate goal? Partner with a team who's been there and use our proven business strategies.

Kevin in 2002 with Richard Kraver and family. Richard Kraver revolutionized both the Pet & Automotive Accessory Industries.