Fidget Spinners for Business Owners

If you are a ‘local-based’ business owner, you may have heard about when we published the popular Pokemon Go article last year, (almost immediately after the game was launched), which showed local businesses several ways they could capitalize on the amazingly successful, interactive game and bring more customers into their local business while doing so.


The article was featured in the contemporary Frisco Style magazine and was shared by Frisco’s “Voice of Business”…the Frisco Chamber of Commerce.


Since the massive success of Pokemon Go has subsided, there is now an equal obsession among kiddos which you can also use, to help bring in more families and this new, exciting ‘fad’ is called the…


FIDGET SPINNER! says “Fidgeting may prevent your mind from being occupied by obsessive and unhealthy thoughts such as what is the meaning of life, what do other people think of you, why aren’t you more attractive, why do others seem more successful on Facebook than you, and why isn’t Justin Beiber returning your phone call?”


OK…it’s quite possible Justin Beiber may bring in more kids to your local business than almost anything you could do, however, let’s be a bit more realistic.


As a parent who has now been ‘forced’ to purchase several different designs of Fidget Spinners in order to make a ‘First Grader’ happy ;-)…your business can now take this opportunity to bring in more local customers, have them almost immediately start interacting with each other, make new friends and save parents moneyall at the same time.




See below…






It doesn’t matter if you’re a Realtor, or a Dentist!


All you need to do is simply grab a small shoebox, bucket or container and then purchase a handful of Fidget Spinners from Target, or any other retailer (they’re everywhere!)



Next…create a small sign and then PROMOTE your ‘Spinner Swap’ ahead of your ‘Open House’ (for Realtors) or simply host it “from 12-4pm this Saturday!” to your customers, clients or patients.


Parents LOVE this because it SAVES THEM MONEY (from buying more Fidget Spinners.)



Here’s an example of one we created for (and gave to) the wonderful folks at the Frisco Farmers Market



Here’s an example of how we suggest creating your ‘Spinner Swap’ (and feel free to SWIPE this entire idea, ad copy etc.


It’s a gift!


First…you’d just need to have your graphic designer create a social media image with your own logo on it, including an image of a ‘Fidget Spinner’ and start posting social media announcements for the event.
Something like:
“Frisco Parents! 
Are Your Kiddos Bored Of The ‘Same Old Fidget Spinners?’
Are Fidget Spinners Costing You A Fortune?
We Have Great News For You…[Insert Your Business Name Here] Will Be Hosting A ‘Spinner Swap’ For Your Kiddos To Come and ‘Swap’ Fidget Spinners!
Simply Bring Your Kiddos (and fidget spinners) To Our Fidget ‘Spinner Swap’… THIS SATURDAY Between 8am-1pm where your kiddo’s can ‘swap’ Fidget Spinners With An Equal Number of Available Fidget Spinners, In Our ‘Fidget Spinner Swap Bucket!’
And start posting away!
You wouldn’t really need to create a custom graphic for this.
It would depend on who does your social media posts or design work etc.
I would suggest having a bucket ready, with a little sign on it (just handwritten would be fine) and have a handful of fidget spinners in there for the first couple of kiddos, to get your ‘Spinner Swap’ started.
Lastly, using Facebook’s ‘Live’ feature both before and during the day, would help by someone briefly explaining the ‘Spinner Swap’ and it would notify more local residents.
Send out an email blast to your list and be sure and post to all of your social media pages both before and DURING your ‘Spinner Swap’ event.
People LOVE to come where exciting things are happening, in case you don’t already know this. 😉
This could bring in a lot of families to your local business…IF you promote it heavily.
IMPLEMENTING these steps for this event are crucial because if you don’t implement, you will get ZERO RESULTS.
If you can’t get your graphic designer to create an image for you, simply create a short video clip from your business pages where you explain your ‘Spinner Swap’ event including the day/time  etc….and start posting them!


So, there your have it.



There’s no way to know how long this new ‘fad’ will last, although it’s like everything else in business, if you schedule (and promote) your ‘Spinner Swap’ before your competitor does, you may find yourself with many, new (and happy) families inside your business.



Can you think of some other games you can get your customers, clients or patients to participate in when they bring their Fidget Spinners into your place of business?



We’d love to hear your results from your ‘Spinner Swap’ and simply leave your comments below!



If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends. 🙂



Happy Swapping!


– The Frisco Consulting Group

Kevin Saint Clair is a former private yacht Captain who helps Financial Advisors get more clients using his powerful Business Coaching Program. Nominated for 'Business of the Year' by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, his company has also been featured in the Frisco Enterprise newspaper, the Dallas Business Journal and Frisco Style Magazine.