How To Do SEO – Small Business – Episode 4

Google My Business

Google My Business











Google introduced this feature for local-based, business owners recently and it took the place of Google Local For Businesses.


It’s a very similar platform as before but you may be surprised to learn that most of your local competition either has no idea they can (or should) claim this FREE listing but also many of them make mistakes in choosing their categories, business description or other crucial parts of this listing.


This can (and has been) some very effective ‘low-hanging fruit’ for many business owners and I have literally placed a Doctor who specializes in a certain medical niche on the first page of Google in his town,  simply by claiming this listing for him because he didn’t have another direct competitor in the same town.

Before finding where he was NOT being discovered by his target patients, he mentioned they were driving 30mins. away to his closest ‘competitor.’

After completing this listing for him…


His business immediately skyrocketed.


As I said in a previous episode, there are MANY factors which contribute to your local business being found when your ideal prospect is searching for your type of business and your competitors who have taken all of these steps are generally the ones being found AHEAD OF YOU and as a result, are the ones who are getting the majority of new customers without spending a dime on additional advertising.


Just watch the video and select your type of business correctly, then fill out your business listing information EXACTLY as you do on all of the other listings in this series, wait for your Google verification through either the postcard OR telephone method (Google uses both) and you too, may find yourself landing on Page 1 for Google’s local search results.


Enjoy the video and there are many more episodes coming your way after this one.


This may seem like a lot of work but it’s not as much work as closing your doors because you don’t have enough new customers coming in your business each day.

This stuff simply works.



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– Kevin Saint Clair

The Frisco Consulting Group

Frisco, Texas