How To Do SEO – Small Retail Businesses – Episode 2

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How To Do SEO For Retail Small Businesses – Episode 2

This short tutorial shows you how to quickly claim your FREE Google account inside Gmail and how to also activate (and connect) your businesses YouTube Channel.

***Important: Please watch this video clip to the end (less than 4mins.) so you can learn an extremely important step, you must do, in order to activate one of your most important accounts regarding your local, search engine results strategy. This crucial step MUST BE DONE while you are inside your business’ gmail account or you risk confusing Google and possibly hurting your local search engine rankings.

This tutorial will be ‘old hat’ for some of you but creating and linking your pages correctly is crucial in putting your SEO foundation in place properly.

There is a science to how all of this works and setting these things up without making even the slightest mistakes could be the difference between being found when your ideal customers, clients or patients shop for your type of local, business or service.

Future tutorials will show you MUCH more and we are going to lay this out in a step-by-step fashion, so you can easily watch each tutorial, complete each step and move on to the next one.

This video is on a few minutes long and if, after watching what is done at then end and realize you’ve done this step incorrectly, just send us a message and we’ll give you a hand fixing the issues.

Enjoy and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel here to receive more advanced tutorials coming soon.


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This is only the beginning. 😉


Make it a great one!

– Kevin