How To – SEO For Small Business 3

How To – SEO For Small Business 3


How To – SEO For Small Business – Episode 3

In this episode we dive in a bit deeper into how most search engines and directories are able to provide your ideal customer, client or patient with YOUR business listing.

how to seo small business

how to seo small business

Imagine a puzzle consisting of over 200 pieces and then you will begin to get an idea of approximately how many factors influence your local search engine rankings on Google, alone. This doesn’t include Bing, Yahoo and other areas you should be found in, when your prospects search for your type of local, retail business.

These tutorials are posted in a series so you don’t get overwhelmed or (hopefully) try to do too much, too quickly. Both of these could result in publishing mistakes about your business listing and as I mentioned in the last tutorial, even the smallest error will throw a ‘cog in the wheel’ of your search engine success.

Just take your time, complete 1-2 of these each day and come back after you double-check your work. 😉

These first online listings are VERY important and keep in mind that some of these listings charge you a fee, however, most do not and from my experience, it is a very wise investment into your overall search engine ranking strategy.


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Keep plugging away…you’re doing great. 🙂


– Kevin Saint Clair


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