How To Use Pokemon Go ‘Lure Drops’ For Your Local Business

How To Use Pokemon Go ‘Lure Drops’ For Your Local Business


Business owners have been emailing us all week to find out HOW they can take advantage of the new ‘Pokemon Go’ game to increase their own business exposure and so we wanted to shed some light on how YOU can CAPTURE (pun intended) your own ‘Pokemon-customers’ using one of the game’s tools.


Here goes:


Pokemon Go is a world populated with ‘PokeStops’ and ‘Gyms.’

A PokeStop is almost any existing piece of art, statue, or sculpture etc. which includes landmarks listed in the ‘National Historical Marker Database’.

Since the game pulls much of it’s information from this database, it’s safe to assume that ANYWHERE near your place of business which has ‘fixed’ sculptures, artwork or statues will have at least one PokeStop.


Two great examples here are Frisco Square and Hall Office Park, in Frisco:


Hall Office Park & Frisco Square Are PokeStop 'Hot Spots'

Hall Office Park & Frisco Square Are PokeStop ‘Hot Spots’.


You’ll also notice that the Target on Preston Road has a TON of PokeStops, as well (and a gym).


Here’s another image of what Frisco’s Central Park looks like, facing WEST…from the East side of Parkwood Boulevard…from INSIDE THE GAME. This park is where you see the Frisco Bridges and some of the most beautiful, bull statues in Frisco, as featured in this GREAT article.



Notice all of the PokeStops at this park!


And here’s one more image of where several other PokeStops are located in Frisco:




OK, so now that you know WHAT determines where a PokeStop is and WHERE many of them are located in Frisco, your probably wondering HOW you can use this information to increase your business, right?


Well…since every PokeStop is a STATIONARY OBJECT and you can’t move them, you will have to GET CREATIVE with your marketing and start thinking of what you can GIVE these Pokemon Go players, to get their attention.


To us, this is the fun part!

Note: There are MANY WAYS for you to engage with these players and get their attention but you must keep this in mind…

  1. They are ‘busy’ playing the game.
  2. Don’t assume you have to ‘Sell’ them anything right away.


IMPORTANT: You may want to FIRST consider creating an offer or promotion which is ‘Pokemon’ in nature.


Getting their name, number and/or email address while they are playing the game…IN EXCHANGE FOR GIVING THEM SOMETHING OF VALUE, should be your goal here.


Here goes…


First….come up with your promotional campaign.


Some examples are:

  • “Enter To Win a 10-Pack Of Lure Modules”
  • “Enter To Win A Free Meal” (if you’re a restaurant)
  • “Enter To Win Free Movie Tickets”
  • “Enter To Win A Free $25 Gift Card At Target”
  • “Free Teeth Cleaning” (Dentist)
  • “Free Appetizer” Bar/Restaurant


*even handing out free or discount coupons is a good idea (as long as the game’s demographic matches well with your business’ target demographic.)


Tip: If your target customer, client or patient is between the ages of 60-80, this is not the marketing campaign for you. 😉


Now, depending on your type of business, you have ENDLESS opportunities here to offer ANYTHING in exchange for their contact information.



Log into your new Pokemon Go account and purchase several ‘Lure Modules.’ If you haven’t created a Pokemon Go account, what are you waiting for? 😉


Then…announce on your social media pages that you are having a ‘Lure Drop Party’ at ANY location in town, where it’s allowed (this will be up to you to decide).

Create a flyer, and even consider running a Facebook ad and let them know that you’ll be ‘Dropping 20 Lures For ONE HOUR ONLY!’ at your chosen Pokestop location.

Tell them where and when!


Then…if you have a mobile phone charger, BRING IT WITH YOU AND even some bottles of water for them (it’s Summer and it’s Texas) and offer these things to the Pokemon Go players who show up!


Just think of what you can provide to a bunch of people who are hot, possibly hungry and in need of a way to charge their phones. 😉


Now, when you arrive at your chosen PokeStops, just go into your Pokemon account, purchase as many lure Modules as you’d like to begin with and start dropping a ‘Lure Module’ at EACH ONE of the PokeStops located at your destination.


NOTE: Lure Modules only last for 30 minutes each!


When the players start showing up, offer them a bottle of water and simply tell them you will enter them into your ‘raffle’ if they will do one or more of the following:


  • Check-in to your business’ Facebook Page
  • Like your Facebook Page
  • Give you their email address
  • Give your their name and telephone number
  • Post to their Instagram, ‘tag’ your business and tell their followers you are hosting a ‘Lure Drop Party’

and have fun with this!


I’d love to hear some of your ideas, down below in the comments section.


Be safe and keep us posted on your progress by using this #PokemonGoFrisco hashtag.


Good luck and HAVE FUN!


– Kevin Saint Clair – TFCG


P.S. If you are still a little confused about what YOUR type of business could offer, leave a comment and we’ll see if we can offer you more suggestions!


Kevin Saint Clair is a former private yacht Captain who helps Financial Advisors get more clients using his powerful Business Coaching Program. Nominated for 'Business of the Year' by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, his company has also been featured in the Frisco Enterprise newspaper, the Dallas Business Journal and Frisco Style Magazine.