September 30, 2016


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The ICON is to Soccer, what the batting cage is to baseball.

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Ways to Utilize The Icon

junior-proJUNIOR PRO

The fully portable 2.5M Junior pro is designed for aspiring young soccer players and academies with children keen to take their game to the next level. The circular arena provides a challenging environment to practice skills, with tailored training modes to generate improvement. The junior pro is a vital tool to help give young soccer players that 1% edge over their peers. The statistically proven Elite Skills Arena formula of unique circular design and LED technology are included, with smaller targets emphasizing the importance of accuracy. Each Junior Pro comes with aluminium panels which can be used to create a full circle and tailored training to your preferences. The Junior Pro also provides score and audio feedback. Suggested age groups for this arena are 4-8 years but for quick feet, this arena is idea for all ages and provides 22 small targets, highlighting precision.

first-kickICON Q

The new ICON Q range has been developed to bridge the gap between the elite level of training and the grass roots. Introducing our smaller, more accessible Q. The design is simple, all the technology of the ICON packed into a quarter of its size. Although the circle is broken, the repetition effect remains, as do all of the technical improvements from owning an ICON. The Q has been compared to the ‘modern day wall’ which famously has been the early catalyst of many top professional soccer players careers from just practicing against a wall. However, our technology enables detailed performance analysis using our scoreboard system and this has been proven to keep players enthused and creates an addictive environment for a practice culture. With its adaptability, the Q has an unlimited range of training modes, based upon 8 innovative light sequences programmed to maximize enjoyment and improvement. The Q takes 5 minutes to set-up, can be transported in the back of a family car and is ideally suited to those wanting the flexibility of having the ICON technology, but having the ability of transporting it to a variety of locations regularly, including soccer camps and academies.

junior-proICON S

This is our flagship training arena, used by elite professionals across the globe and statistically proven to dramatically improve player performance. The ICON range uses ESA’s pioneering LED lighting technology to generate a competitive and enjoyable environment for training. It is complemented by the exclusive ESA mobile application allowing for full control over training and the monitoring of improvement. The ICON put simply is the world’s most advanced soccer training aid. Progressed with some of the world’s top coaches and tried and tested at Southampton FC, the ICON creates match specific training for both individuals and small groups, rapidly accelerating development. Best suited to 3G/Astroturf grass, it is fully waterproof and ideally fixated in one area. The ICON comes in 3 diameters, 4M, 6M and 8M, all of which provide a different training intensity and slightly different benefits.


The Precision Wall is a revolutionary design, bringing traditional soccer training methods into the future. The Precision Wall, built around the ESA mantra of repetition, is the first of its kind in the world of soccer. Utilizing the state of the art vibration technology, the precision wall provides advanced performance training in both individual and team settings. The wall is the exact dimensions of a full sized goal and provides a match realistic environment for players to perfect their attacking and defending. The wall allows both player and coach to monitor their performance using an innovative and accurate scoring system.


The ICON Velocity offers something different equated to the ICON S, its reactive perspex shell provides an extra dimension enabling exclusive high-sided games such as the hugely popular Liftball. Liftball is a hybrid version of squash and soccer tennis, an explosive sport that burns more calories than doing a cardio session as well as developing technique. Moreover, the Velocity provides a wide variety of speed and agility training modes, aiding physiological improvement. Ideally suited to sports clubs and gyms, this arena brings the world’s most popular sport to the world of fitness. The Velocity comes in diameters of 6M, 8M and 10M.

junior-proICON MOTION

The ICON Motion is two ICON’s linked by a series of angled panels, a more dynamic arena, bringing in dribbling, defending and attacking sequences. Ideal for control, this arena is physically demanding and will test a players ability when fatigued. Ideally fixated in one area, this arena provides larger group training and tactical drills.

Our Clients Include


icon-legacyICON LEGACY

A fully comprehensive training dome incorporating 4 levels of individual ICON’s which can be dissembled on request and used separately. In total 96 LED targets make up the arena, providing an extremely challenging environment for training. As a whole training system, the Legacy incorporates unlimited training modes, both individual and multi-player working on virtually all of a soccer player’s skill-set, from first touch to volleys. The developmental impact of the Legacy is huge. In-depth performance analysis is relayed to a mobile application for detailed feedback, providing the opportunity for coaches to develop and implement their own training modes on the system as part of the package. The Legacy is best to be fixated at a training ground and is fully weatherproof. There is further scope for a variety of other sports to be incorporated into the Legacy system.

“You’re Never Hungry For The Ball inside the ICON.” – Liverpool & England Midfielder Adam Lallana

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“The Future Of Soccer Training Has Arrived.”