7 New Ways Financial Advisors Can Get Clients (Using Artificial Intelligence)

7 New Ways Financial Advisors Can Get Clients

(Using Artificial Intelligence)

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If you’re a Financial Advisor and you’re looking for new ways to find clients, please allow me to show you how to get more new, high-net-worth clients in 2018.

In early 2002, I was hired to be Captain of the private yacht owned by a gentleman named Richard Kraver.

If you’ve ever purchased a retractable pet leash, plush dog toy or almost any type of automotive accessory, Richard Kraver has had an impact on your life.

As we were about to depart his Miami Beach mansion with his family and sail up America’s East Coast, he said…

“Captain, I’ve invested 60% of my net worth into the stock market and since the 9/11 attacks…half of it on paper…is GONE.

My Financial Advisor agrees that if I sit tight, it will return, because that’s how the market has performed, historically.

I’m giving you a heads-up that if I seem a bit on-edge during our trip, this is the reason.” 

Kevin Saint Clair with Richard Kraver & Family (Spring 2002)


Mr. Kraver was as poised and polished as they come.

He wanted his family to visit several historical American landmarks on our trip.

It was that exact day when I learned the value of a trusted Financial Advisor.

As you now know, the stock market has since recovered its losses and much more.


The rules have changed.


As a Financial Advisor, here’s how you can get more clients in 2018 (and beyond) using Artificial Intelligence.


There’s a new statistic regarding how you move forward with new prospects…


This new statistic is crucial to understanding your prospect’s behavior in 2018.

According to a leading consumer research firm…


Americans need to experience almost TWELVE pieces of content before making a buying decision.


And from my experience aboard hundreds of multi-million-dollar yachts, the owners need more than the average.


I think you’d agree, right?


It’s much harder to obtain the crucial know, like & trust status with them.


People bombard them with deals and opportunities all day…every day.


They need to experience credible content on a consistent basis, for you to both grab their interest…and earn their business.


Since most Financial Advisors get clients through referrals & networking, adding AI to your marking will:


Elevate you above most of your competitors (in your prospect’s mind).


– Allow you to deliver an automated sequence of impressive and compelling content.


Reach the trust threshold much faster (using technology).



Don’t get discouraged.


As Einstein said, “Learn the rules and then play better.”


The rules have changed and here’s how,

as a Financial Advisor,

you can get more clients using Artificial Intelligence.



  1. Retargeting



As a Financial Advisor, you know the importance and value of networking & referrals.

Most Financial Advisors say these two marketing actions are their bread & butter.

Once you’ve gotten a referral, your prospect visits your website to Learn More about you.

Since their first visit to your site is usually an exploratory visit, you’ll want to follow-up with them, right?


Well, now you can do this using the same methods Amazon uses on you.


You can do this using RETARGETING.


Your prospects are 4x more likely to become clients after experiencing your retargeting content, according to a recent study.


It’s that powerful!


What is Retargeting?


Remember the last time you looked at a product on Amazon and then thought to yourself, “I’ll come back to this?”


Then you went over to Facebook…only to have the product come scrolling down your Facebook feed?


That’s retargeting.


And since your prospect (like Mr. Kraver) need AT LEAST 12 pieces of content…retargeting gets you there…FAST.


Retargeting your website visitors is VERY important in the highly competitive world of finance and guess what?


Almost none of your competitors are doing it.


We checked.


We recently analyzed 86 independent Financial Advisory firm’s websites…


and found that only a handful are using retargeting to get more clients.



This equals massive opportunity for you to get more clients using retargeting.



Why is this important to help you grow your assets under management?


Here’s an example of how you can use this form of AI to get more clients for your Financial Advisor practice…


Imagine going to a networking event where you meet a former yacht captain (who knows a few yacht owners)…


Now imagine this person mentions your financial services to a yacht owner…


The yacht owner visits your website to learn more about you and your financial services…


When Mr. Yacht Owner sees your website and gets his first impression…he leaves (which is normal on a first visit).


Now, if you had retargeting setup, he would’ve just triggered an automated sequence of your best content which then FOLLOWS-UP with him.


It would follow-up with him on HIS Facebook & Instagram pages.


It would also begin appearing on other websites he visits.


Mr. Yacht Owner would be receiving your 2nd piece of content…


and your third…

and your fourth.


Eventually, Mr. Yacht Owner sees you in HIS world…several times.


He sees a quick video clip of you speaking at an event…


Then he picks up the phone to call you.


“Think of retargeting as

your automated follow-up salesperson.”


Your trust & credibility can now be getting earned for you…WHILE YOU SLEEP.


The world’s largest Financial Services firms use retargeting to get more clients.


And in 2018…you can too.


Assuming your prospect will contact you on their first visit to your website is a common mistake.


You already know how important it is to follow-up with prospects to earn the sale, right?


Doesn’t it make sense to automate the whole process and get more clients?


Most of your competitors are allowing their prospects to visit their website and then leave…with no follow-up sequence.


Letting your prospects leave your website without retargeting is a lost opportunity for a new client.


Retargeting is how many of the top Financial Advisory firms build their credibility and get more clients.




2. ChatBots


Last year, Bank of America released Erica.


Erica is their chatbot responsible for running their mobile app.


B of A has also integrated Erica into many other services.


Having your own chatbot on your website is like having a ‘Greeter’ stationed in your lobby 24/7.


Your chatbot can be there to welcome each website visitor.


Your chatbot can be “taught” to provide your website visitors with answers to their questions.


Chatbots serve to ‘engage’ each of your prospects.


The sky’s the limit with what you want your chatbot to offer your website visitors and again…


almost none of your competitors are currently using chatbots.


This provides you with a unique opportunity to be one of the first to deploy your chatbot on your website.


Chatbots are there to start a conversation with every prospect who visits your website.


There are many ways Financial Advisors can get more clients using chat boats.


Getting a conversation started with each prospect who visits your website will help you get more clients.




3. Heat Maps

Did you know that you now have the ability to see where your website visitors click on your website?


Why is this important?


This shows exactly where your website visitors are clicking


Because once you know where they are clicking, you can optimize your website content.


Facebook does this.


Amazon does this.


So does, Uber…and AirBnB.


Here’s how you can get more clients using this form of AI…


You can use this information to modify each page of your website based on what you learn.


For example…


Once you discover which areas they ARE NOT clicking on…


you start making adjustments.


These can include:

  • more attractive graphics
  • a better call-to-action
  • Case Studies
  • several other modifications.


Knowing your prospect’s behavior once they land on your website will give you a competitive edge.


That’s why the world’s top companies use heat maps.


They’re a very powerful tool and when used properly, will help you get more clients for your Financial Advisory practice.




4. Voice Search


Google Assistant


“Two years from now, voice search will account for HALF of all online searches.” according to ComScore.


You probably own (or at least seen) a smart device which uses voice search.


These include:

  • Apple’s SIRI
  • Google Assistant
  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • Microsoft’s Cortana


Voice Search reigned supreme at the 2018 CES (Consumer Electronics Show).


Kohler introduced a TOILETS which use voice activation to flush.


You can now tell your bathtub to fill itself….seriously.


Soon, voice search will power most household devices.


We aren’t yet to the point where our toasters come alive and take over our home. 😉


Voice search is exploding.


The Financial Services sector is one of the top industries adopting this form of artificial intelligence. 




Consumer behavior is changing.


Your target prospect wants to get answers to their questions using voice search.


What does this mean for Financial Advisors?


When your ideal prospect walks into his or her kitchen, leans over the counter and says…


“OK Google…I need a Financial Advisor in Dallas, Texas.


The names they hear next will most likely receive a website visit.


If you want to make 2018 your best year ever, you can start by booking your Free 15-Minute call with me now.



A very wise yacht owner once told me “If this stuff were easy, everyone would be doing it.”


Getting new clients for your financial services practice isn’t easy.


It takes work, as you know but it’s MUCH easier when you have a proven Business Coach who will teach you how to properly use each of these tools to land more clients for your financial services practice.


Voice search can help you get discovered.


The rest can be strategically optimized to convert them into new clients.



5.  Lead Scoring 

Lead Scoring is fairly common and works like this…


When someone lands on your website and gives you their email address, they go into your email list.


When you stay in touch with them by sending them regular emails on a consistent basis, they react to each one (or not).


Their behavior determines their lead score.


Their lead score is assigned using a Customer Relationship Manager program (CRM).


Once you know their lead score, you can tailor your messages to them accordingly.


You can then send specific messages to each group depending on their level of Lead Score (cold, warm, hot etc.)


As a Financial Advisor, having a lead score will help you get new clients.




Because it allows you to speak to each one of them at their stage in your sales process.



6. Ad Targeting

Big Data is now worth more than gold, according to a recent report.


Here is why…

Most Americans have either a Gmail account or a Facebook account (or both).

The REAL reason these accounts are free is this…

When most people log into one or both of these accounts…

they never log out.

This allows both Google and Facebook to collect DATA from your online behavior.

They track the websites you visit…

they track images & videos you view…

and search terms you type into Linkedin…


Google and so forth.

They even crawl your email messages.

I know…a bit unsettling but you should appreciate this in a minute.

Here’s WHY they do it…

They use all this data to create a buyer persona about you.

Then, they sell this data to advertisers who want to target your specific buyer persona.

For example…if you want to find high-net-worth prospects and in say…certain zip codes…


now you can do it using AD TARGETING.

The time has never been greater for Financial Advisors to get clients using Ad Targeting.


Ad Targeting can help you get more clients, if:

– You know how to do it

– You know WHERE to do it

– You know exactly what to say to them (and when)

Ad Targeting allows you to use artificial intelligence to locate your target prospect.

Then, as a Financial Advisor, you can use ad targeting to have your content delivered directly to them. 

Here’s the best part…


This can be done on many platforms…at the same time.



7.  Qualify Your Prospects Based on How They Engage with Your Content 

One powerful strategy we put in place for our clients is this…

We create a compelling video clip for their prospects…

Then, we use Ad Targeting to find them and deliver the video clip to their prospects.

Here’s where the magic happens…

We track the percentage of the video they watch.

and the ones who watched the video for the longest duration are now going to be seeing more of their videos.

The ones who didn’t watch the video very long may, or may not be seeing another ad from them.

This all depends on the marketing campaign’s goals.

Goals are a must, as you know.

In closing, artificial intelligence is here to stay. 


If you’re reading this, there’s a strong possibility you want a competitive edge and you want to learn new ways of using technology to get new clients for your Financial Services practice.

It’s not simple but if it was, everyone would be doing it, right?

If you put the correct marketing puzzle pieces in place…


Your target prospects will find you…


and keep seeing you again…

and again…

until they feel like they know you


and they like you


and they trust you.


I’d love to know how you do with these tips.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and colleagues.

If you have any questions about any of these tips, 
just leave your comment below and I’ll answer each one personally.


Do you have any other examples of using AI to get new clients?

What are they?

Feel free to share them below as well.

– To your success!

Kevin Saint Clair

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Kevin Saint Clair is a former private yacht Captain who helps Financial Advisors get more clients using his powerful Business Coaching Program. Nominated for 'Business of the Year' by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, his company has also been featured in the Frisco Enterprise newspaper, the Dallas Business Journal and Frisco Style Magazine.