How Financial Advisors Can Use Retargeting To Get New Clients

Financial Advisors can use Retargeting in 2108 to automate your follow-up after your prospect visits your websites and leaves without contacting you.

As a Financial Advisor in 2018, if you aren’t using Retargeting in your marketing efforts, you are missing out on prospective clients.



Remember the last time you went to Amazon and looked at a product?

Then, you thought to yourself…“I’ll just check it out later” and then went back to Facebook (or almost any other website).

All of the sudden…here comes that EXACT product ad from Amazon, literally following you around the internet?

This process is called Retargeting (or Remarketing) depending on who you ask and due to how effective the follow-up sales process has always been…

Retargeting automates your follow-up efforts and delivers your compliance-approved content to your prospects…while you sleep!

ALL of the largest Financial Advisory firms use retargeting in their marketing to engage prospects who visit their websites and then begin the process of nurturing the relationship with them, which MASSIVELY increases the chance the process results in a phone call (or meeting) in 2018…and so should you.





If you’d like to know how to implement Retargeting into your Financial Advisory firm’s marketing and stop allowing prospects to leave your website without follow-up enabled…book your FREE, 15-minute Client Accelerator call with me here:

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Kevin Saint Clair is a former private yacht Captain who helps Financial Advisors get more clients using his powerful Business Coaching Program. Nominated for 'Business of the Year' by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, his company has also been featured in the Frisco Enterprise newspaper, the Dallas Business Journal and Frisco Style Magazine.