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In light of recent events by Google, who just this month began showing only 3 LOCAL search results on their Page 1 Google rankings, I’ve decided to give small business owners, just like you, some extra ‘marketing muscle’ and begin sharing some ‘trade secrets’ and show you the steps I’ve taken to place many local-based, retail small businesses on Page 1 of these Google local search results since Google began showing local search results in the map display, a few years ago.


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Our goal?



We want to show you how to do some of YOUR OWN SEO for your local, retail, small business.

While we can’t guarantee these steps in this free SEO training series will place you atop Google’s local search engine rankings, combining all of these steps (be sure and subscribe to be notified of the next tutorial) are some of the EXACT methods we have used to help small business owners increase their revenue and dominate their local competition.

Your results will absolutely vary, due to several factors

There are many factors which contribute to your local, SEO ranking including the sheer amount of local, direct competitors you have in your city, the consistency of your business listing information on various websites and even your websites ‘readability’ (by Google’s website crawlers) just to name a few.

If you need help finding and fixing these things, simply send us an email and someone will contact you soon.

A quick note: A more competitive, local market creates a bigger challenge.

However, if your business is located in a small town with less, local competition, then following this training series, implementing each step and landing on Google’s Page 1 could be as easy as taking candy from a baby (although I wouldn’t recommend doing this). 😉

Keep in mind…nothing worth having is easy (usually) and this process takes some time and a few bucks to invest with a few of the information systems and directories you will learn about in this series. We have no control over what these companies charge and it seems to change frequently, so use your best judgement with them and the majority of them are FREE, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and most of the other important resources you will want to list your business into.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s take a quick look at what your new, local search results page looks like on Google.

Whereas just last month, Google was showing 7 search results on most Page 1 rankings, as of August, 10th, 2015, if you search for a local-based, retail small business on Google, you will now ONLY see the ‘Lucky 3’ results displayed on Google’s Page 1 map.



Some studies have shown the businesses listed on Google’s Page 1 of local search rankings receive the ‘lion’s share’ of business from the consumers who are searching for their type of local product or service. In some cases, as much as 80% of shoppers choose one of the businesses which display on Google’s Page 1 of local search results.

This could be due in part to how ‘busy’ everyone is nowadays and Google knows that most people don’t want to spend time searching through page 2, page 3 and beyond.

Whatever the reasons, we figured it was time to ‘pull back the curtain’ and show you how to take some of the steps we’ve taken, to place retail, small businesses ahead of some of their toughest competitors and in some of the most competitive business categories i.e. Restaurants, Banks, Bars, Dentists, Doctors, Attorneys etc.

If business growth is what you want, then I recommend you become very concerned with your local SEO campaign and devote time (or an employee, teenager, spouse etc.) to implement these steps for you.

We are releasing this information in a series to avoid overwhelming you and having you make mistakes.

If you make mistakes with ANY of your online business listing information, your search engine rankings will most likely suffer. Please enter in all of your business listing information accurately, with the goal of giving Google uniform consistency as it ‘crawls’ each of these information systems and directories and helps to build your local SEO results.

We hope you enjoy this first tutorial in this FREE SEO training series and if you find it valuable, feel free to share.

A rising tide lifts all ships.


This tutorial is ideal for: – Dentists – Doctors – Attorneys – Franchise Locations – Banks – Gyms – Yoga Studios – Bars – Restaurants – Plumbers – Contractors

and any small business owner who would like to increase his/her business’ local marketing exposure.

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Our goal is to give you, the business owner, more of a fighting chance to compete in what is rapidly becoming a more competitive, online world.


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