July 14, 2016

Pokemon Go Frisco

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 2 weeks, you’ve probably noticed a TON of teenagers & ’20 Somethings’ wandering around the streets of Frisco (and beyond).

No…the Zombie Apocalypse hasn’t arrived.

What you are witnessing is one of the most innovative and popular mobile app games to ever be created.

And it’s called ‘Pokemon Go.’

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this game was launched by game giant ‘Nintendo’ and the launch of this game has increased this company ‘Net Worth’ more than $9 BILLION (with a ‘B’) in approximately 2 weeks time.

This should give you an idea on just how massive an impact this game is having, on our society at the moment.

We love the fact that they are having fun playing it AND it gets them active instead of sitting on the couch all day!

How long will this adrenaline-fueled, Pokemon Go craze last?

Who knows.

We think it’s great for them and it can also be a huge BOOST for you and your business.

How can your local business benefit from this sudden flood of young adults wandering around your store, restaurant or professional practice?

For starters…here’s your FREE, handy Pokemon Go ‘Tip Sheet’ for local business owners!

Get a friend, employee or the closest member of your family who wants to have some fun with this and put your local business in position to ride the ‘Pokemon Go’ wave!


Pokemon Part II Pokemon-Part-II




The Frisco Consulting Group

P.S.¬†We’ll be giving more advanced tips ONLY on our Facebook Page and be sure and use #PokemonGoFrisco to share your success stories!